Thursday, March 11, 2010

Install Drupal in Ubuntu

There are many ways to install drupal in ubuntu. One of the classical way they provide here

But as the beginner in linux world i was having a tough time in installing drupal  in ubuntu. I thought its going to have a same way as we install in window, but is little twist in  the permission setting.

Follow the steps mention below:

1. Download the drupal
2. Unzip it and place it.
3. run the install file 
4. copy the default.setting.php to setting.php
5. Create a folder called files inside the default folder 

Note: In normal installation procedure, the files directory will be created. But in ubuntu world the permission needed in order to create, as by default the permission is not given to the sites folder for writing.

6. Set permission for the folder called files, setting.php and deflaut.setting.php.
7. Go ahead with install file.

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