Saturday, March 13, 2010

Installing Eclipse in Ubuntu

Installing Eclipse in Ubuntu for JDE

Go to System menu ->Administration->Synaptic Package Manager.
In synaptic package manager, have a quick search for eclipse.

Once eclipse is listed, mark it for installation (go to check box and click).Then a dialog box will occur, click the option mark. Click Apply (is in the top )

Then installation process will start.After installation is complete, a dialog box popped up, there click the option apply.

Your Eclipse is ready. If you want run Eclipse, then go to Application, Eclipse (Click)

Installing Eclipse PDT in Ubuntu (Shortcut way of doing)

1. Download the Eclipse PDT from here
2. Take  a download under this topic PDT 2.1 SR-1 All In Ones / Eclipse PHP Package
3. Go to your root directory where the PHP files are kept (Unzip the downloaded file out here)
4. Once unzip is done, explore the directory (Eclipse just downloaded one), you will see a file called eclipse. Double click it and your eclipse for php is ready.

How to make a shortcut icon in the desktop:-
1. Copy the eclipse file (single file) and bring it in the desktop.
2. Rename it and change the image. To change the image icon, right click the eclipse file you will see the current icon, go and click the icon , windows popped out for browsing the icon.

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