Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Playing custom video in lightbox

I was using Drupal for while and i got a requirement where i need to list down the file uploaded with the option to view the video upload. So for this i have faced the problem is how do i play the video in the light box.  In my previous post i have written about the swf tool. I mean do install the swf tool having the JW Player. In a page do add up the php code to list down the video uploaded. You can use the api called theme if you want to show up in tabular format. before we move forward do have the lightbox install.

1. In my code i have added directly the hard code to the video tag for playing out in light box:
-> In the anchor tag do add the lightbox and its attributes like :-
rel="lightvideo[|width:640px;height:496px;][my caption]" href="/sites/all/themes/mytheme/video/"

2. I have used the basic  flashwars in lightbox setting of video setting autoplay :- autoplay=1&playerMode=normal.  

Hope this will help for the people who wants to play the custom video in the light box.

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