Thursday, June 30, 2011

Social Media and Politics

The book shows the role social networking plays in the political communication in Asia. In 13 chapters it describes how various online social communities and networks such as Twitter, Facebook and blogs, are being used as tools in general political communication in Asian countries – both in an active and passive way.

Chapter 1:
Facebook and Twitter — Democratising participation in the Philippines
by Justine Espina-Letargo

Chapter 2:
Thaksin’s Twitter revolution — How the Red Shirts protests increase the use of social media in Thailand
by Alastair Carthew

Chapter 3:
India unwired — Why new media is not (yet) the message for political communication
by Anisha Bhaduri

Chapter 4:
Social networking in Cambodia in early stages
by Ky Soklim

Chapter 5:
The power of the blog in Vietnam
by Stephen Quinn

Chapter 6:
Hip or hype? Twitter and Australia’s 2010 federal election
by Stephen Quinn

Chapter 7:
From citizens to netizens — Social media and politics in Malaysia
by PA Fama and CM Tam

Chapter 8:
Social websites’ political benefits still far-off in Pakistan
by Taseer Dhuddi

Chapter 9:
The Internet has long arrived in Indonesia
by Max Lane

Chapter 10:
Microblogs in China — Micro-changing a society
by Zhai Zheng

Chapter 11:
Social outlet Twitter and its political impact in South Korea
by Ji-hyun Cho

Chapter 12:
Japan — The chattering nation
by Martin K├Âlling

Chapter 13:
Singapore, Politics, Freedom & New Media: A Personal Reflection
by Kirpal Singh



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