Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Blackberry refuses Bhutan

“They were unwilling and Bhutan is not a part of their business policy,” said Tashi Tshering, the executive director of Tashi InfoComm.  He added that ‘they’ might be interested in the future.

BlackBerry users in Bhutan will have to wait longer to activate and use all features in the phone, as the company has turned down proposals from the two local providers to open up service centers in the country.The hi-tech phone has reasoned the small and unviable market in Bhutan as an excuse for declining the proposal.

The Bhutan Telecom had approached BlackBerry to get the authentication server in a meeting held in Barcelona, Spain, earlier this year to which they received a straight ‘No’. The Tashi InfoComm had also written to the company to which they received a similar response.

According to the general manager of B-Mobile Pushpa Mani Pradhan, all BlackBerry features can be used only if the company launches in Bhutan.“We have customers using BlackBerry handsets and many features of the hi-tech phone does work here but the e-mail facility is not accessible,” he said. 

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