Friday, May 20, 2011

View your data stored in Google Product

Today, I was taking training on Google Pack. I was with the aim that I could train student @Royal Thimphu College in using the Google products efficiently.  I started with simple mailing to manage the whole mails, using Calendar for creating events, using documents, excel, power point , online forms and also storing in the files in Gmail’s.  The best part for students was to use the Google grouping mails for the forums and creating sites.

But during this time, I was stuck with a questions that, we use lots of Google product and the idea behind is to store data. Now how do I know what all are the data stores in different Google products.  Thanks to Google, it has a open in the account setting to view the dashboard for this features.

Click to your name your name in the Gmail Account , you will get the option for account settings. While selecting it, the new windows will appears in which all your accounts details will be display for the settings. 

From this windows we  need to select the option called dashboard to view our data. You will be taken to another windows in which displays the all the records of your data.

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